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All debt help is provided by our sister company Consumer Debt Solutions Ltd which is licensed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 - License No. 628265

An IVA is a formal arrangement between you and your creditors and typically lasts for 5 years.

An IVA falls under the government insolvency act and is an excellent alternative to bankruptcy. Negotiations will take place on your behalf to agree one final balance which is paid over a period of no more than 60 months at a contribution you can afford.

An IVA can allow you to write off as much as 75% of your debt!

  • Your home is protected from further action by creditors
  • You can repay your debt in affordable monthly installments
  • Your creditors cannot charge any further interest and charges...and with your creditors' agreement you can write off a proportion of your debt

Do I qualify?

  • Minimum debts of £15,000
  • At least 3 creditors
  • Debtors must be based in England and Wales (IVA'S not relevant in Scotland)
  • Relevant for homeowners or tenants
  • Minimum monthly payment available of £250

To arrange your perfect debt solution call one of our advisors now. A conversation with an expert can soon put your mind at ease and arrange a plan which is most suited to your needs.

How It Works

An IVA is a legally binding arrangement with your creditors which allows you to repay your debts in affordable monthly payments over a fixed period of time, usually five years.

Your IVA proposals are put forward to creditors in a document called proposals. The proposals are lodged into Court and your creditors also receive a copy. If your assets are at risk because of action taken by creditors, we can apply to court for an Interim Order, which means that creditors cannot commence or continue with any action against you and your assets unless the Court permits them to do so.

A meeting of your creditors is held and creditors are able to vote on whether to accept, alter or reject your proposals. As long as you proposals demonstrate a genuine desire to repay as much of your debt as you can afford, it is likely that creditors will accept your IVA. It is our role to guide you on what creditors will find acceptable.

Once your IVA is approved all interest and charges on your unsecured debt is frozen. If creditors accept that you can only repay a proportion of your debt, the balance of your debt will be written off as long as you keep to the terms of your agreement.

The case studies and testimonials provide a number of real examples of how we have used the IVA procedure to assist clients with serious levels of debt.

*Our advice is free; any charges for progression of an IVA are approved up front with yourself and your creditors. Missed payments can bring your IVA to an end and could result in bankruptcy. Your home is at risk if your IVA fails.

BulletpointsPay one affordable monthly amount without borrowing more money

BulletpointsWrite off the debt you can't afford to repay

BulletpointsFreeze interest and late payment charges

BulletpointsStop threatening letters and phone calls

BulletpointsOne point of contact for all unsecured debts

How much money could you be entitled to?
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Congratulations on taking the first step to regaining control of your debts!

Based on the information provided one of our team will contact you shortly to review your circumstances further and discuss the next step in tailoring your own debt solution. It will help if you have details of exactly who you owe, approximately how much you owe them, how much they expect you to pay and how much income you have each month.

The more information you can give us during this phone call the quicker we can help you resolve your debt issues!