Please note we are not actively taking on anymore mis-sold mortgage claims at the moment. The only mortgage claims we currently accept are those that include mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

Mis–sold Mortgages

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Mortgages can be complicated and the consequences of getting it wrong can result in your home being repossessed. That's why there are detailed rules in place to help protect you so that a mortgage adviser (broker) or lender needs to ensure that you are given all the correct information and check that it's suitable to meet your needs.

Before the credit crunch, mortgages were big business. Brokers often charged a fee for advising or arranging a mortgage for you as well as receiving commission from the lender and with many advisers having targets to meet, this has sometimes led to customers not receiving the best advice.

At Consumer Finance Claims, we are able to review the circumstances of your mortgage and identify whether you have been mis–sold. We'll then work out what compensation you may be entitled to and act on your behalf to get what you deserve.

Here are just a few examples of where you may be able to claim.

  • You couldn't afford the mortgage or the adviser didn't check to see if you could afford the mortgage.

  • You will still have a mortgage even after you retire but you don't have any way of making the mortgage repayments or the adviser didn't check how you would continue to meet your mortgage repayments.

  • You took out a fixed rate mortgage but the adviser didn't tell you about the possible increase in payments at the end of the fixed rate.

  • The adviser recommended a self–certification mortgage even though you didn't need one or you could prove your income.

  • You didn't have any previous credit problems when you took out your mortgage but you were sold a "sub–prime" mortgage.

  • You remortgaged to clear your existing debts but were not told key information such as the possibility of repaying more interest over the term or that your debts would then be secured against your home.

  • You were recommended an interest–only mortgage on the basis that this would reduce your monthly payments.

  • You were sold an interest–only mortgage but had no way of repaying the mortgage at the end of the term or were not made aware of the risks.
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Thanks for your enquiry! Based on the information you'll receive a Claims Pack through the post, usually within 48 hours.

However, if there are any further details required one of our claims handlers will give you a call to run through everything and clarify the next steps in processing your mortgage claim.

If at any point you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!